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What is Media Detective?

Media Detective is a software tool designed to automatically find pornography and other unwanted material on your computer, and present the files found for assessment by the user. Any items found can be deleted.
It does this by rapidly inspecting all files on the hard drive(s), selecting those which appear to be offensive, and presenting them so that the user can review them. Image files can be viewed and movie files can be played to check their contents.


Media Detective identifies suspect files by classifying them through various analytical methods:

Skin-tone analysis attempts to identify images and movies that contain nudity by opening them and scanning them for the presence of skin color.
Keyword analysis compares filenames against a list of known keywords, to further identify obscene files.
Content Verification checks the binary content of files to ensure that the file contents are correctly reflected in their filename. This test can reveal files that have been renamed to conceal their contents.
ZIP file checking makes sure that no unwanted files are hidden inside a compressed file.
Internet Scanning checks for visits to adult websites by scanning history files for offensive keywords and known adult sites. Find out who is surfing where and when!
Word document scanning looks inside Word files for embedded images
Additional text formats supported More files can now be scanned -Word documents, HTML files, cookies etc.

More Media Detective features...
View Images and Movies in thumbnail mode or text mode.

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Do you have pornography on your home PC or Notebook?
Media Detective will tell you for sure!
Media Detective is capable of ferreting out unwanted material from all corners of your computer system AUTOMATICALLY. It can quickly identify previously unknown problem files and present them to the user for checking and deletion if necessary.

Most competitors' software is based solely on keyword detection; a relatively simple method which is unable to find unwanted images or movie files unless the filename itself contains suspicious words. Media Detective uses skin-tone analysis of media files as the primary technique for identifying unwanted files, but it also uses keyword techniques as an additional indicator...

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Why use Media Detective?
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  • Making sure that your kids won't stumble across any unwanted items when using the computer at home
  • Cleaning up your home computer prior to repairs; technicians can (and do) check your files while your PC is being serviced
  • Ensuring that classroom computers are a safe environment for students to use (Enterprise version)
  • Verifying that there is no problem with pornography compro-mising your business computer systems (Enterprise version)
  • Revealing inappropriate staff usage of computing resources and internet bandwidth during work hours (Enterprise version)
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